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Why Texas

Why Texas

Texas folklore says this is true and we stand by it. Like most things- “Texas”, details do not matter much; it’s about a feeling, a purpose or expectation. Texas was, and in many ways, still is, the last great hope for many who are disenfranchised with the East and Left coasts issues.  Whether it’s the politics, the taxes, the smog or just the crowds-Texas offers many things to many people. Let’s have a deep dive into “Why Texas?” 

First off, I am partial, of course-but don’t take our word for it.

There are others who agree!

Business loves the Texas economy and work force as well!

Enough with the numbers, let’s talk about the real, “coffee table” reasons why TX is the hottest selling dirt in the U.S., and I can wrap it up in 2 words.

Are you ready? 

Common sense. 

That’s it. Just good old “common sense”. You see, when you strip away the blue and the red, and maybe leave one or two hot button issues out of the conversation-folks are mostly in line with how society should be run, values we teach our kids and a set of social mores that most of us adhere to. 

The wacky policies of the extreme coasts have created division amongst neighbors and chased big business out of their backyards into the welcoming arms of the “Friendly state”. Ok, so why Texas specifically-it’s a game of odds really. If the coasts are out, then why not the upper Midwest? SNOW! A lot of it. Alright then how about the deep south, its gorgeous if you can get passed the sweltering humidity. They have a low cost of living, some darn good food and the beaches aren’t half bad-but there’s no jobs! Alright how about Arizona-some will love 125 degrees, it’s a dry heat after all. Ehh, no thanks New Mexico, we will come visit. I hear Oklahoma has some stellar casinos. Tennessee-great beverages and both ‘ville’s are a blast, but that weather don’t pay the bills. So where does that leave those fleeing the crumbling cities and earthquakes-Florida and Texas. Pick your position. 

You see, Texas has a little bit of a lot and a lot of some others. Land for one-plentiful, beautiful and “affordable”, and you can pick your climate. Why the quotations around affordable, you ask? Well, it is, but there are some places that are getting a bit out of hand for even the most wealthy tech geek in Austin. More on that later. 

Thanks to the “Wuhan Flu”(Covid for you Northerners), many were forced to work from home and many still do. So if the logistics that kept us leashed to the urban maps and suburban strip malls have been cut-where does the human soul want to float? To a peaceful, quaint little town just a bit outside of any of the 4 major cities in Texas. Why fight the crowds, risk the crime or pay the exorbitant taxes if you can enjoy safer schools and develop closer connections with neighbors by allowing each other enough space to chase their significant other around on a riding lawn mower? Life is better out here. It just is-and none of us can find the words to explain it. Facts are-once someone gets here, they rarely leave and half of those who do want to come back. 

Here is your choice-$1mil for a 3/2/2 on a postage stamp in the suburbs of LA, income tax, fees on top of fees from your car registration to your drinking water and a homeless camp just outside your child’s school.  OR, $1mil 4/3/2 on 10 acres, no income tax, property tax on the 9 acres around the house is about $85 a year, free water out of your well with no meter. Your kids love Friday night lights football and a Dairy Queen stop on the way home-no smog included. Life is good. Oh and a downtown big city is less than an hour away when you get a hankering for some glitz, but you won’t. 

Here’s another scenario-$3mil 2000 sq ft condo with fees in the $1000k month range, you don’t own a car, you can walk everywhere. You are asked for change 15 times a day while you step over some lost soul who may never wake up, the summers are brutally hot in that concrete jungle and you still have to fight the snow, ice and sewer rats. The sirens never end, but hey, Broadway is always available. OR, $3mil gets you a brand new custom 3500 sq ft dream home on 50 acres, pool included and the only beggars you see are white tail deer who practically eat out of your hand. The only noise pollution is the sound of the wind rustling through the trees that puts you fast asleep on your porch while you wait for the sunset. Broadway doesn’t hold a candle to God’s final curtain call. 

You’ve made it this far in my rant on “Why Texas”, so you must be interested. So, I’ll be real with you- downtown Houston is dirty, loud and crowded. Dallas’ Deep Ellum ain’t what it once was and Austin, well-it’s CA, no point in moving there to escape Los Angeles. Seriously. San Antone isn’t perfect but it’s close. Rural Texas though, it’s still mostly untouched, can have lush green rolling pastures or majestic rocky hills overlooking streams; even South Texas to those who pay attention see the beauty in its rough prickly self. You want mountains-we have them, beautiful blue mountains overlooking the Trans-Pecos shelf and wildlife roams throughout the state! Soggy bottoms to dry plains, salty air to west Texas winds, you will find it all. The most condensed migratory bird flight paths you can find anywhere in the world cross over fertile black dirt and a muddy river just west of Houston. From sand dunes to enchanted rocks, Texas has the wide open space, the attitude, infrastructure, culture and financial wherewithal to accommodate your family. 

What’s that you say, you are sold on coming but need to know exactly where? On a budget?

Check out the Rio Grande Valley, deep south Texas where a beautiful Mexican culture dominates, and you can find large parcels under $3500 per acre.  Prefer to be close to the Houston area, look towards Columbus or Victoria to the west or Madisonville to the north. Acreage homesites spot the land with all in budgets under $650k.  Yes a home, fence, small barn and a handful of acres can be yours for well under $1mil. Have a little more jingle and dream of a life with horses-look no further than Weatherford, just southwest of Ft. Worth. Less than an hour to the Big D(Dallas), Weatherford boasts some of the finest equestrian estates you can find anywhere. 20-50 acre estates with arenas and barns can be found under $1.5 up to $10mil. 

So you’ve heard about our wine country in Fredericksburg. Gillespie and Blanco counties lay just outside of SA and Austin in the heart of the Hill Country. Home to a few thousand BnB’s, excellent restaurants, art galleries and a lot of adult beverages-this old German enclave is a must visit. Gorgeous vistas, rocky formations and wineries adorn the 290 corridor passing over 100 wine tasting rooms and vineyards in a short 30 minute drive. Remember when I said “affordable”, ok, well this area isn’t Napa stupid but it’s getting there fast. Starting at $100k for a lot or $20k per acre for large acreage, most of this area is highly desirable and the prices prove it. $1mil can buy you a cottage in downtown Fredericksburg, or $7mil can get you 200 acres of live water-you decide. 

Theres everything in between of course, but pricing in TX is still, mostly affordable. If you really want to live in the sticks and get away from it all, Texas can provide even the smallest of budgets plenty of space to roam free. How about a 3/2 home on 100 acres, full of all the white-tailed deer, turkey, exotics and dove that you could ever want for under $500k? Open the Rand McNally and find Rocksprings, TX. For those looking for just a little bit of elbow room, we have hundreds of small ranchette neighborhoods with 5-15 acre homesteads ranging in price from $50-$500k. 

You will almost never in your lifetime need to shovel snow, or be without you’re A/C. You can carry a pistol without being eye-balled and nothing is prettier than a hundred year old live oak providing shade to deer surrounded by our bluebonnets in a Spring sunset. Our beaches could have whiter sand but you can’t find a better place to catch a tasty flounder dinner. Have I mentioned Texas boasts some of the lowest per gallon gas prices in the US? Ranked the 15thlowest cost of living in the country, the almighty dollar goes a long way here.  

What else do you need me to say-Can it get hot?

Very. Do we have tornados? Yep. Will you put on a couple pounds after discovering our Tex-Mex cuisine-most likely. Do we find an excuse to have a parade in every month of the year-guilty! Our roads are pretty good when they aren’t under construction and we have 4 of the top 5 safest cities in the US. 

So, “Why Texas?”

Well I ask why not? That list of reasons is much smaller I can assure you. Come on down here, experience “Texas friendly”, get some clean air in your lungs and see for yourself how far your dollar will go. You won’t regret it, and unlike Mr. Crockett you won’t have to die for it. 

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