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The TRK Approach

Have you ever seen those billboards that say “Do Billboards Work? Just did!”, well that’s a clever way of proving the point, but those billboards fall short of marketing. Advertising yes, but it doesn’t clear the bar of a marketing strategy and that is why we here at Texas Ranch Kings have a different approach to most all our competitors.

Today’s buyers want information, tons of it, and they want it at their fingertips, now!

Some of you got here via another website, but most of you got here after scanning one of these.

The QR code has dramatically changed the marketing game, real estate included. These little digital gems provide the IP address for anyone who scans it. Let’s call it the new BASIC.

We have other means to gain these nuggets of info through social pixels and more.

Most companies use QR codes to take viewers to a website… we take them a step further.

Here’s what it means to get the

as a client of the Texas Ranch Kings

We specialize in active marketing.

Do we still list on MLS, yes.
Is and all the other farm and ranch listing sites in our standard protocol, yes.

All you must do as a seller is decide, do you list with the “more of the same” approach or do you want a dedicated marketing team with cutting edge technology and an aggressive approach, pushing your property to actual real buyers in the shortest time possible?

We think it’s a no brainer, but for those of you still not sure, try this; open the file attached below labeled “Marketing Comparison” and ask your current or potential Listing Agent if they offer the same services. They won’t, and if they claim to, have them prove it, because they can’t.

Listing CMA/Pricing | Photography/Videography | Digital (Social Media/Web)
Targeted Buyer Identification | Print | Listing Services | Property Tours/Buyer Vetting

Listing CMA/Pricing

We will provide a Comparative Market Analysis, unique to your property. We will review recent sales, discuss a pricing strategy, pinpoint your list of non-negotiables and frame our marketing plan. At this time, we will also learn about the properties special characteristics, review all your improvements and discuss the surrounding areas development in the near future.


Photography & Videography

All photography is not created equal. Many agents will use their phone or not offer aerial photos. We hire professional photographers with pro-style equipment and experience. For those properties that require videography, we provide an unmatched view to buyers and demonstrate the beauty found only from a bird’s-eye view. We edit these videos and distribute them across social media, upload to YouTube and include embedded code to all our digital outlets that help track who our viewers are as well as retarget them for your property campaign.



SOcial Media/Web

With one of the few dedicated digital marketing teams found in ranching real estate, the Texas Ranch Kings offer unmatched reach, creative and tracking. We have 2 former Meta(Facebook/Instagram) employees working on your behalf. They know how to navigate the ins and outs of social media marketing with more experience than any team you can find. We provide measured, tracked and creative campaigns directed towards a specific demographic. From Google Ads to Facebook boosts, Instagram to Reels-the Texas Ranch Kings lead the industry.


Capture Mobile Device IDs of people that have visited specific locations. Ads can be served to these people on their social media platforms.

  • Reach consumers that visited an event, stadium, rodeo, conference, dealership, country clubs, etc.
  • Target consumers that have visited locations in the last 30 days
  • Target by demographics and income
  • Pull historical data up to 12 months

Targeted Buyer Identification

As your property campaign matures, trends begin to emerge. We review and follow the demographics of those buyers spending the most time looking at your property listing, then we create new campaigns specifically targeting that demographic. If a woman repeatedly looks at 15-acre ranchettes in the Hill Country, there is no point in pushing a 1000 acre farm in the Panhandle. It’s also more likely to find a young buyer looking for smaller acreage. Some of this is common sense, but all of it makes a statistical trend that helps identify your most likely buyer. Finally, we focus on high net-worth individuals with targeted ads, promoting our brand and your property. Income, spending habits, homeownership, travel habits, hobbies and the like are all considered while identifying buyers.



As much as we all enjoy the benefits of having digital access 24/7, sometimes a beautifully designed printed brochure is better suited for the buyer. And make no mistake, a coffee table in TX likely has some glossy pictures of beautiful landscapes, ranches and the like for folks to peruse. The Texas Ranch Kings believe there is a time and place for all types of media to better suit every age and environment, so we take those same pictures utilized on our digital media platforms and submit them to multiple periodicals, local newspapers and real estate magazines published throughout the country.


Listing Services

The standard MLS(Multiple Listing Service) is still the leading site for most residential listings, but many times rural properties are not included., LandBrokerMLS, LandGate and other farm and ranch listing sites tend to garner most of the larger acreage properties in today’s market. We include all of these services in our mix, even listing 4 major MLS services across Texas. The Wall Street Journal, Barrons, The Land Report and more are part of our family of listing sites as well. We are certain, no other brokerage does more.


Property Tours / Buyer Vetting

The Texas Ranch Kings are diligent agents for their sellers, vetting any requested showings prior to scheduling. Proof of funds, as well as lengthy discussions about the subject property, buyer timelines and wants/needs are reviewed to confirm your property is a viable option for the buyer. This saves you time, prevents unwanted “tire kickers” and provides a more productive showing. In addition-all our agents give tours in a ranch friendly off-road vehicle to move the buyer across all points of interest while utilizing GPS mapping technology that better informs interested parties on all aspects of the listing. Soil reports, topographical maps, improvement identification, property access and other details provide understanding of property valuation and reduce unanswered questions.

But wait, there’s more…a lot more

The Texas Ranch Kings will also provide a neighborhood marketing campaign to get the word out. We find that locals are valuable resources to spread the word about your listing. The nearest residents to your property will receive a postcard or letter announcing the listing, where it can be found online and an encouragement to help find them a new neighbor.

In addition, we will produce a report detailing multiple revenue streams identified on your property. From solar to water, wind farms to oil/gas-this incredible report provides the reader with all the information they could ever dream of needing and provides value that only a few brokerages ever consider. No stone is left unturned.

Ask us for a free sample report!

Last, but not least-we sell ranches. Residential agents have their place, but knowing a 3/2 is far different than knowing who SAWS is or that ground water can be just as valuable as oil. Our contacts are loaded with knowledgeable investors, developers, ranchers/farmers and hunting enthusiasts, who expect your agent to be able to “talk the talk”. We are land brokers and ranch agents – we’ll leave the concrete jungle to someone else to sell.

We do it different. We do it better.

Good people doing good business.
Call us. 432-Buy-Dirt.

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